look at this sweet ass colab i did with Jo

she drew the picture and i did colors, you can see the pencils for the drawing on jos blog

i love coloring //cries

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senpai don’t leave me 

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Kiseki training~

Drew a long time ago. Found it in my drive. \o/

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Rin, thank you.
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I have never ever been so attached to a pairing that has zero canon interaction. Wtf am I doing.

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things that gom, himuro and hanamiya would say during dirty talk??



KUROKO: He doesn’t do dirty talk, but sometimes he’d say something along the lines, “You feel good, ___chan.”

KISE: The only coherent thing that comes out of his mouth during sex is when he asks, “Does it feel good, ___cchi?” He’s really vocal, so instead of dirty talk, he’s either moaning his partner’s name or sometimes he’d grunt out the occasional “I love you’s”. 

MIDORIMA: If only The last thing Midorima does is dirty talk, but from time to time he’d accidentally let out something like, “It feels really good,” and he’d extremely embarrassed about it afterwards.

AOMINE: He also says things like, “You look really sexy like that,” or end up saying cocky things like, “Tell me how good I am,” and “Moan my name, ___”. He’s always telling his partner to be louder and more vocal.

MURASAKIBARA: He’s always paying attention to what his partner likes most, so from time to time you’d hear a, “___chin likes that, huh?” or “___chin is so cute,” and sometimes he’d tell his partner to moan his name.

AKASHI: He’s keen on making his partner beg for it. Despite his partner protesting, Akashi is constantly demanding things like, “Tell me what you what,” and “Where do you want me to touch you?” He loves to tease the mercilessly. 

HIMURO: He feels weird with dirty talk, but sometimes he gets really into the sex and lets out things like, “You feel so good,” or “How does it feel, ___chan?”

HANAMIYA: He tends to trash talk his partner a bit and he loves to make them beg. He’s always telling them to be louder and demanding they tell him how they good they feel.

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H-Haru! Stop, You are wetting my notes!

Haru’s hand under the table* + neck kisses

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harurin kinda based on this…kinda changed a few things….also i realized it doesn’t exactly make much sense and i’m sorry about that i did try………….

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Kiyoshi Teppei

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, everyone.

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Mikoto Mikoshiba (aka Mikorin)

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KnB Boyfriends: Kise Ryouta Edition

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x x x by cosom

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